All You Need to Know About the Lectin Shield Supplement

Anyone who is health conscious has heard something about lectins. Typically, lectins are proteins available in plants and have been associated with both negative and positive health effects. Particular plant-based foods, including vegetables, whole grains, legumes as well as beans contain reasonably higher amounts of lectins. Scientific studies have always proven that lectins are harmful to human body. Thankfully, there is a product known as Lectin Shield, which has the potential to protect your system against the damages caused by lectins. 

So, what are lectins?

As previously mentioned, these are a group of proteins which are present in plants and serve the purpose of natural defense in plants, typically as a toxin that prevents animals from feeding on the plant. However, even though they are extremely beneficial for the growth and survival of the plants, lectins are dangerous to humans. When you consume foods such as soybeans, peanuts, and tomatoes among others, your system will absorb all the natural lectins which are contained in them. This can result in the development of some health problems. 

When taken in relatively smaller amounts, lectins may play crucial roles in various body functions, including cell growth and perhaps immune function. However, significant amounts can cause damage to your gut wall. Lectins usually bind themselves to the cells in your body after being consumed. It is this binding of lectins to the human cells in the gut wall that triggers a response. This causes irritation that will, in turn, result in devastating symptoms such as vomiting as well as diarrhea. What’s more, it can prevent your gut from absorbing nutrients properly. Research has proven that such problems can potentially increase your risk of developing digestion issues. Equally, it can raise your risk of developing problems in your immune system. The following podcast gives you more information about your nutritional needs and the helpfulness of Lectin Shield. 

Lectin Shield: The ultimate solution for your body protection. 

As we mentioned earlier, nearly every type of food contains lectin. Grains, legumes, and perhaps tomatoes are known to have arguably the most abundant amounts. Milk and its products, beans, eggs, and corn also contain lectin. It is imperative to note that the primary reason why lectins are present in poultry and dairy products is that chicken and cows usually feed on soy and grains. 

Even though it is impossible to avoid lectins in your diet, you can somehow reduce their amount in your food sources. There are even articles about Lectin Shield on Pinterest! Of course, it is practically impossible to resist your favorite food. This implies that you’ll need adequate protection to fend off the potentially dangerous lectins. The question now becomes, how is this possible? 

Lectin Shield

Lectin Shield is a highly innovative product that is touted to offer maximum protection against the damages caused to your body when you consume lectin-rich foods. It boasts of many active ingredients that prevent lectins from sticking to the cells found in your gastrointestinal tract. 


What are the potent ingredients available in this product? 

Lectin Shield is filled with some strong components that allow it to perform its functions efficiently. Check out the below for some of them: 

  • Okra extract: As a key ingredient in Lectin Shield, it blocks nearly every toxic lectin from sticking to the walls of your gut. Equally, it improves the beneficial microbes available in the gut, boosts the health of your skin and also relieves the pain in your joints.
  • Larch Arabinogalactans: This useful ingredient is an organic substance extracted from the larch tree. Apart from offering optimal protection to the lining of the gastrointestinal tract against the damage caused by the lectins, it also strengthens the gut.
  • Sodium alginate: This ingredient serves to eradicate the lectins absorbed in your digestive system. It is also instrumental in maintaining regular body by releasing significant amounts of the lectin to the stool.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): Lectins are known to cause joint pains, and MSM is charged with the responsibility to absorb them. As a result, MSM minimizes the aches and the discomfort caused by lectins in the joint areas.

Are there any other benefits offered by Lectin Shield? 

Besides the ingredients described above, this product provides other potential benefits, including: 

  • It facilitates and boosts the speeds at which nutrients are absorbed in your system, and this implies that you’ll have more energy than before.
  • It prevents you from cravingunhealthy foods, a phenomenon that helps to keep your weight in check.
  • It solves digestion-related problems such as bloating and excessive gas.

The Bottom Line

We have provided you with all the critical facts you need to know regarding Lectin Shield. It is a highly beneficial product worth having at your disposal. You have every reason to start using it. However, if you still doubt its effectiveness, you can use it as a risk-free product. This means that you’ll be able to use it for some time to gauge the results. But, you are allowed to return the product to your manufacturer if you are not satisfied before the three months have elapsed. You’ll be refunded, and you will not be required to answer a lot of questions.