Laser Technology with Revolutionary Discoveries

Technology has played a significant role in the society and has aided in the discovery of some resourceful insights while at the same time making life easy. Laser technology works by emitting light through the process of light or optical amplification. The first lase was built by Theodore H.Maiman based on theoretical works of Charles Hard Townes.Laser technology in Rome has played a crucial role in the discovery of the Christian France in Rome. It is interesting how the beautifully Frescoes structured has remained undiscovered despite the intense effort in modeling for the merchants that actively participated in trade. Through the facilitation of grain trade, the series of Frescoes in the Roman society was uncovered. The1600-year-oldfrescoes were painted to commemorate the city`s earlyChristians.The laser technology played a verycrucial role in the discovery of crimes which had rendered the Frescoes invisible and was hidden in the Dank and deep catacombs.

This commemoration made the wealthy Roman shift from their pagan life and embraced the new religion.The archeologist found the multicolored and beautiful frescoes which showed how the grain transportation around the Mediterranean to Roman port Ostia and finally to the warehouse in the center of the imperial city. Forcenturies,the import and the transportationwas rendered among the rich and the highlyrespectedofficial in the Roman empire the family grew very rich in grain trade


The Frescos were discovered in the deeplayers of the calcium deposits and algae where they used a special high tech laser instrument to burn the dirt and the deposits away leaving only the colored beautiful frescoes.What makes the discovery more interesting is that at the center of the ceiling frescoes was an image of Christ seated on a throne with men believed to be Peter and Johnsitting on the side.The two men are also believed to be St.Nerius and St Achilleus,the Roman soldiers whowere martyred for preaching the new faith.Another astonishing feature about the frescoes discovered is that it is adorned with peacocks, Which pagans believed that thesepeacocks were asymbolof theafterlife 

There were many Roman pagans who converted to Christianity because they believed that the old pagan symbols related and fused well with the new Christianitylife. Another example to this is the depictions of Christ the shepherd with a lump slung over his shoulder, and the sheep at the feet,either side of them figured gathering food from them, which correlated with the same image that represents the seasons in the pagan. Other scenes include; Noah and his ark and Jesus feeding bread and fishes to the five thousand people

However,after the fall of Roman empire,the catacombs were abandoned and forgotten but later re-discovered in the 16th century by an amateur archeologist,AntonioBosio.The catacombs were to burry thousand of deads,where the corpse was wrapped in pure white sheets,placed in the rectangular wall tunnel and buried in the catacombs of 100 ft long.

Laser Technology hasalso ledto inventions of very mysterious events and happening giving rise to new thinking and arguments among the newspiritualists, for instance, the discovery of the mysterious planet of the universe.This discovery from the scientists explaining the mind-blowing invention that there exists another earth-like planet.The scientistsexplained that we couldnot see it as it is in the same orbit as the earth.

The earth- like planet is 180̊ degrees and on the other side of the sun.The Greek wise man called the earth like planet,the `counter-earth.`.According to `counter earth` theory,the planet has the same mass as ours, and with the same distance from the sun as the earth with leave in.It is also believed to have the same orbit speed as earth and with similar surface environment.the more religious claims about counter earth planet is that it is an even or heavenly paradise that is devoid and free from sin 

The USairforce paid a group of scientists to look for the possibility of the existence of the counter-earth planet.Theteam found out that there exists an `anti-earth,’whichthey called Clarion.The group suggested that the Clarion would become visible in the morning or evening twilight or withina solar eclipse which occurs once in a century.

It is admirable how technology has transitioned people`s belief and culture and the world of discoveries and science very fascinating. Technology development takes a rapid rate, and it, therefore, implies that people should be expectant of more fascinations and surprise discoveries through technological interventions in the society and more so, in the coming years.