Guideline Your Genes By Accepting Healthy Lifestyle

Have you ever feel trapped inside your own body by the genetic predisposition you have? For example, your mom is obese and has diabetic disorder and you, as well, gain a few pounds in the last couple of months which you can’t get rid off. Surely, most of you will think: “Yeah, it’s
her genes… I will be always like that. I will never lose weight.” 

Or, let’s say something good. Everyone in your family have pretty baby facies and those who are 40 look like they are 30. Isn’t that good stuff about genes? It’s totally genetic, isn’t it. 

Well, this kind of assumptions in the society misinterpret how genes actually functioning in our bodies. We’ll say more about that in the paragraphs below and explain in the short term how your lifestyle can influence on your health in general. 

Experts in the area of genetics say that only 5% of the genetic-disorders are caused by genes directly. Other 95% of the genes are guideline by your body and the way you treat it. That means that these 95% can influence your body in the both good and bad way, depends on which road you go. 

There are many factors around human which he can let penetrate in his life or he can reject them. Every human beign has a choice of what kind of lifestyle he can live. There isn’t such a thing that can change the genes we are born with but there are few segments of our lives which we can choose to control and by doing that, prevent some disorders and illness. Our power is that we are able to change the genetic activity-proteins, enzyms and billion other chemicals that help our body’s cells funcioning the right way. If the cells are healthy, body is healthy and the human beign is healthy. 

In the book “Super Genes” are described those few segments of the lifestyle on which people have influence. These are: diet, stress, exercise, sleep, meditation, and emotions. We will explain each of them briefly in the following text, but if you want to study it more detail-oriented, you’ll need to read the entire book. 

Most of the population know what is wrong in their lifestyles and they are always aiming to do the right change but most of them almost always fails to accomplished the task. Why is that so? There is one main reason! We set to ourselves high tasks or multi tasks. It is impossible to achieve at start. When you are on the path making a change, you need to start at the beginning which means – one, small task. 

Let’s start from food and diet. Components of the food we take are the target of toxicity and we take those bad stuff into our bodies that goes directly to the bloodstream. Toxicity in the intestinal microbes is the
main reason of inflammation. So, what you can do to improve the way you feed yourself: 

– Including dispersible fibers in the first meal of the day (all kinds of cereals,
oatmeals, fruits that are protein rich like bananas, fruit smoothie as well) 

– Eat salad with main meal for both lunch and dinner 

– Taking probiotic food for at least once a day (yoghurt, kefir, pickles) because it help your digestive system work fine. 

– Consuming fish for at least twice a week. It is full of healthy proteins. 

Now let’s say something about popular modern disease – stress. It is a totally negative factor that cause in our organism appearance of the cortisol and adrenaline which comes when the brain sense that the body is in some kind of danger. These hormons lasts a few minutes but cause a big demolish effect on the organism. Scientists belive that stress can cause a cellular distortions which can leave permanent epigenetic markers in our bodies. Be aware that your lifestyle can help you reduce the level of stress in
your day: 

– Work area in your job should be noisefree and relaxing. 

– Don’t deal with several tasks at one time. Just one by one. 

– Inlude the time out in your day and downtime when you are feeling overwhelmed. 

Exercise – As a healthy ritual in the people’s lifestyle. Creating the habbit of exercise is extremely important in living a good, happy life. If someone have genetic marker of diabetic disorder, like I ve mention in the beginning, doing exercises and consuming healthy food, he could avoid activating those gene. 

– Include as more walking as you can in your day. 

– Do not take elevator if you can go by stairs. 

– Do your own house chores and dance while you do it with some music on. 

Sleeping is A very important segment among these 6. It is the time when body rests and accumulate new energy, so it is essential that we do it right. Sleeping is a major reducer of the stress and hormonal balancer. Make sure that: 

– Your bedroom is in dark at night. 

– There are no noise around you. 

– You take a warm bath before you go to sleep. 

– Wear a sleep mask if it is necessary. 

Meditation – unfortunately, Just in the last decades, the scientists had proven the power of meditation has on the humans body. Doing it all alone or with a friend, man can help himself to relax and hear his own organism. It is the time of calming the body from head to toes. Meditation cause positive chemical activitiy in our bloodstream which is, of course, the good way for us to go. Embrace it in your lifestyle with smile. 

The most complicated aspect for investigation of human body are emotionsHumans are led by all kinds of emotions. They can ruin our lives and also, they can make the heaven out of it. Depend of which side do we lean on more. There is complex of activity between brain and body and every emotion leaves an effect on the organism. For example, when we receive some very sad news or get upset, some people get hand shake. That is body reaction to the emotion. As more as positive emotions we received and give, the more healthier our body and inner beign will be. 

Attract positive emotions and give them as well to the people around you. Let it be your lifestyle and whole your life will be positive, no matter whether you have “bad” or “good” genes.